Sunday, March 20, 2016

Celebrating Jan Garton & Betsy Knabe Roe: The Gals Transforming

Here is the latest transformation of "Revival,"  the installation by prairie artist Betsy Knabe Roe honoring the life of Kansas conservationist Jan Garton, 1949-2009.   Jan's ashes were scattered here at Bird Runner.  The installation is on the 3-acre prairie restoration just downslope from our Guest House.

We burned that Front 3 this past Thursday, March 17, 2016.   

"The gals," as Betsy called the haunting statues made of dogwood branches which she created in 2010, presided over 2 further installations, also created by Roe--"Etain" and "Passage."  

For a complete description of all 3 installations, see "The Bird Runner Art of Betsy Roe" at

"The gals" over time abandoned their erect posture.   For the past several years, they have been slumping & lounging about on the Front 3.    When we burned those three acres, the gals burst into flame.     

I know Jan is pleased.   They're with her now, at the very heart of transformation.

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