Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Disappeared photos have reappeared!!

Celebration!!   I have been able to re-post earlier photos of the Creek Field restoration.   So cancel the "bummer" described below!!
Bummer!   My blog photos were mediated by flinthills.com, my previous email provider.   When flinthills.com had to cease its operations, my photos lost their ability to materialize before our eyes.  

Knowing this loss was a possibility, I had switched my blog entries to a new blog supported by my gmail.    But apparently, their fatal link to flinthills.com was switched along with them.

I am especially sad about the loss of photo documentation of the restoration of the Creek Field.   I will try to re-document as much as possible and update with new photos.

The Creek Field is amazing!!   Strange powers are at work!!   I'll get to work to re-tell and tell anew as much of the story as possible.