Monday, June 11, 2018

Tiny Fish in McDowell Creek

I am learning more about the creek fish this year.  That's hard to do in wet years, when the creek is raging and in flood, but this is a dry year.  The creek is shallow and calm and the fish are easy to see.  

Experts have helped me identify some of them as Red-bellied Dace that swarm in riffles and pools.  

 But the Dace change a lot as they grow from fry to adult.  I am hoping knowledgeable people will tell me if the photos and clips I have here are all of Dace--or are there other species mixed in?  

These tiny fish jump into the air, leaving circular wakes when they land back in the water.  At first I thought they were feeding on the insects swarming overhead or swooping low to lay their eggs in the water.   

But on closer inspection, I saw that's not what they're doing.  These fish feed by nosing around underwater stones and gulping the algae that covers immersed objects. 

So what is the jumping all about? 

I found one tiny fish floating dead in a pool.  Finally I had a photographic subject who stayed still!  Here are some of his pictures:

Is this a Red-bellied Dace?  Or is it a different species altogether?

I am hoping people who know fish will share their knowledge with me!

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