Monday, February 15, 2016

Restoring Bottomland Prairie: April 2015, Part 1

Agastache nepetoides
Giant Hyssop
Planted in the Creek Field,
sprouting in the Riparian Buffer!
Amorpha fruticosa 
Indigo Bush
Planted in the Creek Field,
growing in the Riparian Buffer!

 April 2015:  The Creek Field comes alive with vegetation--both planted & volunteer.
Ohio Buckeye
Riparian Buffer
Riparian Buffer
Carex Blanda, Creek Field, Volunteer
Ohio Buckeye, Riparian Buffer, Volunteer

Stellaria media Common Chickweed
Pink Family
on creek bank

Hedge Parsley, Torilis arvensis, Non-native annual,
This photo was taken in March 2016.   I'm including it here because I don't have a photo of it
from April 2015, but it was all over the Creek Field like a carpet in April 2015.
It came up just like this, green through the dead stalks of last year's growth.     
It is important, because every perennial that came up in the Creek Field had to push Hedge Parsley aside.
The ability of perennials to do exactly that is a source of great joy!

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