Saturday, August 29, 2015


Larva of the Clouded Crimson moth,
Schinia gauraeFound on the Lower McDowell Rd.
right-of-way, on Gaura mollis
 Finally!!!   Let it be known that on August 29, 2015, I finally found a Clouded Crimson caterpillar on a Gaura plant on the road right-of-way, next to our mailbox.   Shortly thereafter, I found a second, smaller caterpillar on a second plant a few feet away.   
Excitedly, I started searching the Gaura plants along the Creek Field driveway.

What I found was the caterpillar pictured to the left.  Is he an early version of the Clouded Crimson larva (he was maybe half the size of the caterpillar pictured above)?

Or is he the larva of a different species altogether?  

John & Jane Balaban of confirm:  The little guy is an early instar of S. gaurae.   Wonderful!!

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